The Effortless Life

The Tao Of Wealth

We have simple needs and we have invented needs. Simple needs are food, shelter, clothing and relationships. Everything else is an invented need. If an invented need makes life more difficult or does not serve a purpose, eliminate that need. Once you do that your life becomes effortless.

If we remove false needs, goals, expectations, and purposes, we strip away the need to do much of what we do. We can then be left with an emptiness that can be filled only with what’s necessary, with
what’s natural, with what’s beautiful.

We have complicated even the basic needs. We are consuming more food than is necessary and we crave for food. Housing and clothing have become status symbols. Relationships have evolved into webs of interaction and emotions and expectations so complicated that they can’t be easily untangled. We work a lot and we do not have enough free time.If we reduce our needs and learn to…

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