Negativity on Social Media

This is an image that I spotted while looking up images of Ethiopia and it’s people.

Negative Perceptions of Africa
Negative Perceptions of Africa

I even spotted this image on a tee shirt!

After reading the book Nile Valley Contributions to Civilization (Exploding the Myths) VOL.1. I wanted to find images of Ethiopians, who are the ancestors of those who were formally in Egypt. While looking up images I spotted this picture. This struck me negatively because of my recent endeavor to understand myself and who I am better.

First, last week I saw several images that a group of students created to counteract the negative misconceptions about Africa. Then this week I began reading Exploding the Myths VOL.1 which I posted on how many associations about Africa and it’s people are still negative. So of course when I go to look up images of Africa and I am bombarded with this I had to make a post! This is in fact the reason why I created this blog. I needed an outlet to express the passion that I feel about this kind of information.

This image insults an entire nation of people, billions of people who reside here! This is terrible! Imagine this being illustrated as the United States map. All of those things exist here in the states but it does not define its entire condition and the people who live there!

This is exactly what hurts us all, when we do not think clearly, completely, and justly.

Something has got to change…


3 thoughts on “Negativity on Social Media

  1. “Africa is a continent compromised of 54 countries, numerous tribes, traditions and languages. Africa is a continent compromised of 54 countries and these countries have their own economic situations. While the discourse in the west continues to portray this continent as incompetent, barbaric, underdeveloped and corrupt (of course not attributing any of these things to colonization) Africa is diverse.”: |

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